Resident Resources

Maintenance and Repair Requests:

Call: (801) 609-1770 or Start a maintenance ticket at

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Pest Control

The following substances are frequently used in control of household and yard pests. This is not a comprehensive list:

Household Pests:

      • ADVANCE 375A, Abamectin B1, (Ants)

      • Optigard gel, Thiamethoxam, (Ants)

      • Maxforce gel, Fipronil, (Ants)

      • InVict Gold, Imidacloprid, (Roaches)

      • CimaXa Dust, 100% amorphous silica gel, (Bedbugs, Ticks, fleas, etc....)

      • Temprid SC, Imidacloprid 21% and Beta-Cyfluthrin 10.5%, (Ants, bedbugs, Beetles, etc...)

      • Bedlam Aerosol, various, (Bedbugs, lice, ticks, etc...)

Landscaping Pests:

      • Bayer Complete, Imidacloprid and B-Cyfluthrin, (Grubs, Fleas, Ticks, Ants, Earwigs)

      • Ortho GroundClear, Glyphosate and Imazapyr, (sidewalk cracks)

      • Bayer Advanced, Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, (Bermudagrass control)

Other Topics

The following are not hard and fast rules. They show our intent, but this is not a comprehensive list:

Pets and Service Animals:

      • Generally, pets are not permitted at locations where they might be used as security measures (Pit bull in bad neighborhood).

      • Pets are welcome as members of the family in specific units. All animals should be well behaved, highly trained, non-destructive and beneficial to the community.

      • If you are disabled and a doctor prescribes a particular animal to assist with that disability, please remember that your "service animal" can cause damage and you are responsible for that damage. This includes less tangible damage like "barking for hours on end while you were at work" and feces in the yard.

      • Damages caused by any animal (pet or prescribed) will be billed to your account. If these damages deplete your security deposit because you didn't pay the damages in a timely manner, you will be evicted for violating the terms of the lease.

Physically Disabled:

      • Physically disabled tenants pay for reasonable modifications to support their disability (installation AND removal) in advance.

      • Wheelchairs are often very destructive on flooring. If your is, and regular inspections document that, you will be required to pay for the damages.

Occupancy Limits and legal adults on the lease:

      • All people 18+ years of age are required to be on the lease. It is fine to have a friend couch surf for a week or two. After that, a photo ID and background check are required to live at the residence.

      • The number of people living in the unit is agreed upon at move-in. Generally: "If you are comfortable, we are comfortable". However, city, Fair Housing, and health codes apply. Most cities limit maximum occupancy to: 3PPB+1 (3 people per bedroom plus 1 person). Salt Lake City requires at least 100 sq.ft of floor space per occupant. If occupancy exceeds 2PPB+1, and we think excessive wear or utilities will be consumed, rent price may be adjusted.

Resident Satisfaction:

Please follow the link below to give us feedback on how we are doing. The form will ask your name. If you wish to remain anonymous, just enter "no" in the name field. If your feedback results in a change in policy or for some other reason we find your comments especially helpful we will send you a gift certificate of some kind to say: "Thank You".